CJ Investment Outlook Archive


The Bull Market That Keeps on Giving
December 2014 (pdf)

Dead Ahead: Correction or Bear Market?
September 2014 (pdf)

Say Hello to the Bad News Bull Market
September 2014 (pdf)


Big Headlines, Little Action Coming From Washington
October 2013 (pdf)

The View From High on the Wall of Worry
June 2013 (pdf)

Predictions of Doom? The Stock Market Isn’t Listening
April 2013 (pdf)


The Fiscal Cliff Lights a Fire in Washington
Post-Election 2012 (pdf)

A View From the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff
Election 2012 (pdf)

Draghi and Merkel Deliver the Goods in Europe
August 2012 (pdf)

Markets Heat up Along with the Weather
July 2012 (pdf)

Europe: A Good First Step
June 2012 (pdf)

Should You Be a Global Investor?
May 2012 (pdf)

Europe: Back to the Drawing Board
April 2012 (pdf)

First Quarter 2012
March 2012 (pdf)

Conservative Investors Caught in the Middle
February 2012 (pdf)

What a Difference a Day Makes
January 2012 (pdf)


Fear Trade Hits the Pause Button for Global Investors in 2011
December 2011 (pdf)

Will Politics Rewrite the Global Growth Story?
September 2011 (pdf)

The Summer of Our Discontent: Doldrums or Disaster for the Markets?
June 2011 (pdf)

Wanted: Political Will for the Next Stage of Recovery
March 2011 (pdf)


Change: Part 2 – The Electorate Strikes Back
December 2010 (pdf)

This is Not Your Average Economy
September 2010 (pdf)

Headlines Take The Market on a Wild Ride
June 2010 (pdf)

Recovery: A Double-Edged Sword for Bond Investors
March 2010 (pdf)


The Message Behind This Bull Market
December 2009 (pdf)

Mixed Signals From Stock and Bond Markets
September 2009 (pdf)

Trader’s Rally or a New Bull Market?
June 2009 (pdf)

E-Update April 2009 (pdf)

2009: Year Two of the Great Recession
March 2009 (pdf)


Four Recessions, One Big Downturn
December 2008 (pdf)

E-Update November 2008 (pdf)

E-Update October 2008 (pdf)

E-Update September 2008 (pdf)

The Treasury Refuels the Credit Markets to Steer Through Recession
September 2008 (pdf)

Beyond Sub-Prime: Resuscitating the US Economy
June 2008 (pdf)

Sub-Prime 3: It’s Payback Time for Banks and Brokers
March 2008(pdf)


Sub-Prime Chapter Two: Rescuing the Credit Markets
December 2007 (pdf)

Could the Sub-Prime Meltdown Sink the Economy?
September 2007 (pdf)

China: Trading Partner or Co-Dependent?
June 2007 (pdf)

Liquidity: The Cause of…and Solution for Imbalances
March 2007 (pdf)


Bigger and Better: The Old Economy Version 2.0
January 2006 (pdf)

The Fed’s Cure for Inflation Requires a Balancing Act by Investors
September 2006 (pdf)

The New Fed Chair and the Markets: A Short Honeymoon Comes to an End
June 2006 (pdf)

Old School Techniques for New School Investing
March 2006 (pdf)

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