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Initial Consultation

This is a chance to meet us and have an informal discussion of your current circumstances, your plans for the future and how they relate to your financial goals. This meeting is about you and your finances, not a sales pitch about what we do. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about our firm at your pace, discuss any finance-related needs or problems that you’d like to see addressed, and ask questions that will help you determine whether we are a good fit for you. You’ll be provided a physical copy of the Form ADV Part 2 brochure which describes our firm in detail and is on file with the SEC and FINRA. That form can also be viewed on this website. Click Here

After That

If you think you could benefit from a successful collaboration with our firm we would schedule a second consultation. There we would drill down to specific objectives and identify some financial goals and milestones. We would also discuss what specific services would be appropriate for you.

This is where we obtain information used to develop and write an Investment Policy Statement that will define the scope of our services, define your risk tolerance, and a present a statement of performance expectations. This serves as the focus of your Investment Plan and is routinely reviewed and amended over the course of our engagement.

Our service offering is scalable. All of our clients utilize us as portfolio managers. However, some require additional advice and direction related to other financial matters beyond their actively-managed portfolio. We can assist you in the planning and execution of a broad range of financial solutions utilizing service providers with expertise in accounting, real estate, trusts, tax and estate planning.

The final step is a review and signing of documents from a third-party custodian such as Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade. These will establish account(s) in your name that will hold your financial assets. We never take direct custody or control of your assets. You’ll also receive our Investment Management Agreement to review before signing.

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