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Investors Envision a Reopened Economy

Investors Envision a Reopened Economy This week, we find ourselves a year removed from the onset of the pandemic and the hyper-speed bear market decline that resulted. We’re also a few weeks short of the one-year anniversary of the bull market that followed. Things happened fast in 2020, including the development of vaccines that now offer a glimpse of what post-pandemic life will look like in 2021. The economy is accelerating and has broadened its resurgence in the last few…

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CJ Update – February 26, 2021

Investors Rebalance While Washington Dithers It’s been a noise-worthy (not newsworthy) couple of weeks since our last update. In the aftermath of the much-publicized “Trading Frenzy”, it was determined that a number of gullible and impulsive traders lost money speculating on stocks. Losers in the stock market? Shocking. Definitely not a first, but apparently news to some in Congress who feel compelled to save people from their own worst instincts. The House Financial Services Committee launched a televised hearing last…

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CJ Update – February 12, 2021

Investors Remain Focused on the Relevant When we last left you, the R & R crowd (Reddit and Robinhood) had roiled the stock market, launching several hedge funds and brokerage entities into existential crisis. Politicians were predictably incensed and promised to punish those that were manipulating the stock market with another round of regulations. That fiction distracted them from their immediate task to dispense $1.9 trillion in stimulus to a waiting audience. Jumping ahead, the short squeeze has unwound, leaving…

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CJ Update – January 29, 2021

The Retail Trade Scores a Rare Win on Wall Street The Retail Trade, comprised of individual investors, has usually come out on the short end when competing with the Big Money on Wall Street. The Big Money is defined as the major investment firms, banks, and hedge funds that employ financial engineering, high-speed trading, and algorithmic science to move the markets in a desired direction. As investors for whom fundamentals matter, we’ve frequently lamented the inexorable transformation of the stock…

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CJ Update – January 8, 2021

Investors Focus on Policy, Not Politics The stock market opened the New Year with a thud rather than a bang. Monday’s sell-off could be ascribed to uncertainty surrounding the Senate election in Georgia that could impart a significant change in current US fiscal policy. Adding to the suspense is the dramatic surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations, coupled with a slower than expected vaccination rate. Monday’s unexpected election result officially ceded control of Congress to the Democrats and confirmed the…

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CJ Update – December 24th, 2020

Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa Delivers Again to Investors This week began with the DOW plunging more than 400 points on Monday’s opening, only to see it close in positive territory with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ nursing only small declines. Tuesday’s results were mixed as well and could be attributed to the second stimulus package being volleyed back and forth between Congress and the White House to where it stands now: approved by the Senate and the House but threatened…

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CJ Update – December 18, 2020

Ho Hum, Another Record Setting Week for the Market As we go deeper into the holiday season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the market quiet down a bit. 2018 and 2019 were exceptions as we saw a holiday blow-off and melt-up of the averages in those years, respectively. This year the stock market appears to be coasting into year-end on a high note, aided by momentum from a record November rally triggered by news of two COVID vaccines being…

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A Real Market Rally or Another Bubble?

A Real Market Rally or Another Bubble? That’s what some are asking as we marvel at the stock market’s advance in the fourth quarter. This month’s follow through to a memorable and historic November rally has brought record-shattering results for all of the major indexes. Looking back through the data yields some comparisons to 1999 in terms of market valuation and investor enthusiasm. The close of the 90’s is remembered as the stock market bubble of the modern era, joining…

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CJ Update – December 4, 2020

The Market Meanders to a New Record After a relatively quiet, holiday-shortened week that saw the DOW30 penetrate the 30,000 level for the first time, stocks have since persisted in their grind higher across the board. As Value/Income issues continued to outperform Growth we saw record intraday highs this week, not only for the DOW but for the S&P 500 and NASDAQ as well. Naturally, this roused speculation of this advance being the start of a “Santa Claus” rally such…

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CJ Update – November 25, 2020

A Mostly Quiet Record-Setting Week We were expecting a relatively quiet, holiday-shortened week. Monday started off as expected with mixed results as investors took profits in the mega-cap issues that led the market this year. The rotation from Growth to Value/Income stocks is now fully engaged as profits taken in the mega–caps are being redeployed into those Cyclical issues that should benefit from the more full recovery we anticipate in 2021. We then saw this “quiet” week punctuated by Tuesday’s…

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